What you need to know to take advantage of your credit card rewards plan

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They can be identified under different names: points, miles, stars, hands, pigs, suns, shields, among others, depending on the financial institution in question.

With the reward units, consumers can enjoy benefits such as cash, credit card payments, promotional items, purchase vouchers, weekends at national hotels or air tickets abroad.

To make the most of them at Rexifinanzas.com, we suggest you consider the following aspects.

How much to consume to generate a unit

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The most common in the Dominican market is the generation of points for every 100 pesos or for every dollar you consume.

In some cases for this same consumption you can generate several units. Or, on the contrary, having to consume a larger amount to achieve unity.

Knowing this data will allow you to estimate how many units you can generate monthly or annually with your average consumption level.

Minimum points to redeem your rewards

Minimum points to redeem your rewards

Financial institutions offer various rewards for which you can redeem your accumulated units. In order to receive them you will have to have accumulated points worth.

The first thing you should know is what is the minimum reward you can get and in exchange for how many units, so that you can have an idea of ​​how much you should consume with your plastic to start receiving the benefits.

In the same way, you can verify which other rewards of greater value you can obtain if you keep accumulating units.

You should also consider that there are units attached to a specific trade , usually airlines or supermarkets, so you can only exchange them for products or services offered by that particular trade.

The expiration of accumulated points

The expiration of accumulated points

It is important to know if your units expire. In the market there are units that do not expire, but the common thing is that they have a validity of 24 to 36 months.

Considering your average monthly consumption, the amount of units you can accumulate and the validity of these, you can determine how many you can accumulate before they expire and for which reward you can redeem them.

Commissions for using the rewards plan

Commissions for using the rewards plan

There are financial institutions that charge a monthly commission or membership, usually in units, for being part of the reward plan and generating units. Check if this is your case, because you should consider it when estimating the units that you can accumulate.

Concentrate your consumption

Make your consumption in the least amount of credit cards possible, and if you need to have several, have them from the same financial institution. This is to concentrate the accumulation of reward units equally.

It is not the same to divide your consumption between two different credit cards and generate for example 1,000 points in one and 1,000 miles in another, than to concentrate that same consumption in one and generate 2,000 points.

In the second case you will arrive faster to the amount you need to redeem for a reward.

Whether you want to know your credit card reward plan better, compare it with others in the market or choose a new card, you can access Rexi.do , the first banking product comparator in the Dominican Republic, where you can do so by An easy and fast way.

If you want to know which cards help you to increase the points you accumulate when making your purchases, visit our rewards category .

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