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World News 21.10 | TVP World


In this edition of World News, the focus is on Russian attacks targeting Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the controversy over Russia’s use of Iranian drones and a new criminal case against Alexei Navalny, among other stories. .

Iranian drones targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure

Russian attacks continue to target Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. As controversy mounts over Russia’s use of Iranian drones, some have called on Israel to boost Ukraine’s air defense capabilities. TVP World reporter Sally Jastrzębska is in Lviv to take stock of the latest developments.

New case against Navalny

Jailed Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny said authorities had opened a new criminal case against him for encouraging terrorism and extremism. If the Russian version of justice were to be served, Navalny plans to more than double his sentence.

refugee camp on fire

A shelter for Ukrainian refugees in Germany burned down on Wednesday evening. The police have no doubt that it was arson. A political motive is suspected, the investigation has therefore been taken over by the security service.

EU summit ends

Today marked the second day of the EU Leaders Summit in Belgium. Officials discussed Ukraine and made progress on issues related to the energy crisis caused by Russia’s brutal aggression. TVP World correspondent Marek Steele-Zieliński reported on the event.

Confirmation of the new LNG pipeline

Spain has struck a deal with Portugal and France to replace plans for a gas pipeline known as Midcat with a new “green corridor” between Barcelona and Marseille that would carry natural gas and hydrogen.

Upcoming problems for Polish schools

A reorganization of the Lithuanian school system last year reignited a long-running dispute between Warsaw and Vilnius. Today, 119 Polish pupils start the school year without a program in Polish.

Race against time in the UK

The new leader of Britain’s Conservative Party is due to be announced next week. TVP World correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska is in London reporting on the most likely candidates for the job.

Meloni for the Italian Prime Minister

Georgia Meloni has been chosen as the center-right bloc’s candidate for Italy’s new prime minister. The leader of the conservative Brothers of Italy party will now work to form a new government.

Cities in Chad

In the Chadian capital of N’Djamena, pro-democracy protesters stormed and set fire to the offices of Prime Minister Saleh Kebzabo, newly appointed by the ruling military council. Violent clashes between demonstrators and police have worried many international organizations.

2022 Africa Eco Race

The Africa Eco Race 2022 has now started despite the dangers and threats from rebel groups in Western Sahara. The race from Monaco to Senegal evokes the spirit of the Dakar Rally, which left Africa in 2009 due to security concerns in Mauritania.

Wieniawski Violin Competition Announces Winners

The performances of the winners and the award gala of the 16th Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition took place in Poznań. The winners were announced by the jury last night.

World News guest

David Kennedy had an exclusive interview with Dr. Tomasz Pavluschko, the author of the report summarizing the NATO summit in Madrid.

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